DIY beard mask sewing pattern (english version)

Face mask for bearded men – DIY beard face mask sewing pattern

The current situation with covid-19 leads to the urgent recommendation to wear a face mask. A nationwide mask obligation does not exist at present, but in many states and cities.

Men with full beards do not get smart face masks. The beard hairs create a large surface in the sensitive facial area and should be covered. However, the common models of nose-mouth masks / social masks / everyday masks do not achieve this. What does a man with a long beard have to wear a common nose-mouth mask and still have no protection at all?

Not to mention the aesthetic component. After wearing a conventional face mask, the beard hairstyle is completely ruined. It is not enough to comb it, you have to completely re-style it.

Here it is, the DIY Beard Face Mask Free Sewing Pattern. The beard face mask is double-layered and has a metal reinforcement at the nose.

Important information

The instructions for a selfmade everyday mask do not result in a medical device, a breathing mask according to EN149 or personal protective equipment (PPE) in the sense of Regulation (EU) 2016/425. The social masks can help to catch larger droplets and thus prevent that in case of a possible infection, other people are infected.

Step 1

Download here the free pattern of the face mask for bearded men and print it.


To check the size of the printout, a dimension line of 4 cm is drawn on the pattern.
Tip: Your printout is too small or too large? How should the scaling be when printing?
The formula for calculation is WANT / HAVE = X %
(WANT = 4 cm)

Step 2

Cut 1x each outer and inner part to size.
Cut a diagonal tape (bias binding) measuring 17 x 4 cm from the outer fabric.

Which fabric is suitable? Any cotton fabric can be used. If it is new, pre-wash it at 60°C so that it cannot shrink and then process it.

Step 3

Sew the darts together on the outer and inner parts.

Step 4

Fold over the bias binding on the narrow sides 0.5 cm and topstitch (A). Fold over 1 cm at the top edge (B).

Place the tunnel for the metal bracket on the inner part and pin it to the top edge.

Step 5

Pin outer and inner part with right sides together and sew.

Step 6

Cut the seam allowance vertically. This makes it easier to turn the face mask. ATTENTION: DO NOT cut into the seam.

Step 7

Turn the mask to the right. Iron the edges.

Step 8

Fold and topstitch the tunnels for the rubber cord.

Step 9

Stitch a straight line, perpendicular, across the two existing darts, 2cm in from the points of the existing darts (white line in photo). These will taper the beard mask downwards.

Step 10

I simply use the parts of folders as metal strips for the face mask, because I have them ready to hand in my office container. They work perfectly.

Step 11

Now thread the cords through the tunnels. Adjust the length of the full beard and knot it. Heat the round rubber at the cut off ends briefly with a lighter, then the textile coating will not rub on.


The beard is longer or shorter?! No problem, the height of the green marked area is variable and can be adapted to the different beard lengths.

Note: Copyright 2020 © Christiane Hübner / renna deluxe

All models, cut parts and drawings are under copyright protection, commercial reworking is prohibited. For private use only.

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